Demountable G Bamboo Saxophone
This new model has all the details for optimal performance, product of years of research. Fully demountable, this is a high register bamboo saxophone, very easy to carry and to combine with different standard instruments.
  • double key for low notes: allow to access easily to G4 and G#. Also enhace the fingering of other half notes 
  • Coloured gourd bell: hot dyed,gives the instrumet an special color touch 
  • Wooden elbow: the construction of the mouthpiece and elbow enhaces the playability of high tones. Two octaves register, allowing higher harmonics 

saxo desarmable

The double keyed sax, ready to use  Detail of the double key and coloured gourd bell 
demount detail Detail of the hard wood elbow. Depending on each instrument, this piece might be straight or slightly angled 
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