Detailed information about bamboo saxophones from
Angel Sampedro del Río and Mariana García
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New model: G3 bamboo saxophone, fully demountable. Double key, bamboo mouthpiece, hard wood elbow, colored gourd bell. F key under request

We created this model in 2007, making it more carryable. Reach the maximum register in high notes, making it comparable to our bigger models. 


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Bamboo saxophone without bell

This models are compact and easy to carry.
Clear and soft sound.
Available in G3 and F3(65-74 cm lenght)
The fingering is as a recorder,
with one key for the lower note.
Bamboo saxophone with gourd bell.

The bell reinforces the sound of lower notes,
with more "woody" timbre.
Adjustable fine pitch.Models in G3 and F3
Watch video below, performed by Viento y Madera
Bamboo saxophone with horn bell.

Louder sound and more register.
It is made with two piece mouthpiece,
which enhace the horn sound.
Models in G3 and F3
Curved bamboo saxophone.

This models are similar to conventional Alto sax.
They are curved to make easier the playability.
Available in F3 and Eb3, with gourd bell (photo) and horn bell.
More extended register.
Demountable at the mouthpiece and elbow,
for fine tuning adjust.

C 3 bamboo saxophone.

They have their own fingering, making easier some half tones.
This models, also curved, have an additional
bamboo and two keys.
They are alike the conventional Tenor sax.
Gourd or horn belled.
Also in Bb under request
G3 bamboo saxophone without bell, compact and easy to play model  

Bamboo Sax in G, gourd bell  
Video (in Spanish, with English captions):Model in A, baritone , under request, and C models  


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