Tenkanazo, Low G3 quenacho played by Cid Battiato

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Quenachos in D

 Quenacho is a low quena, traditionally tuned in D. Low and great diameter ones have a chinrest that

enhaces sound and makes easier to blow.


Low D quenachos, big diameter, hard wood embouchure palo santo and purple hearth Detail of chinrest embouchures
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Un Mundo de bambú


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3 woods inlay, ebanon, maple and purplehearth
Three woods, itin,guatambu, ebanon


Itin and guatambú Tunable, acid engarved brass barrel 


Big toneholes, Wood head with 4 woods inlay


Rectangular embouchure, guayacan, palo blanco, jarilla, Bolivian jacaranda
Ebanon, Bolivian cedrus, purple hearth, guatambu, ebanon lines
Palo blanco, ebanon, cancharana
Rectangular, ebanon guatambu and palo violeta, and New wooden quenas

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