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This page show images of some high quality quenas made by  Angel Sampedro del Rio y Mariana Garcia in early 2006. Some of them are unique, and just give an idea about our work and models.

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Images of our Best quenas, April 2010


It's tunable! refeers to our new system for pitch adjustable quenas. An artistic acid engarved bronze or copper barrel allows you to fine change the length of the instrument, adjusting the played pitch. That's ideal for changes of temperature, and makes your instrument a unique artisanal piece.

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From left to right, 

Quena Morado oval embouchure. Purple wood so called "nazareno"

3 woods embouchure Quena de 3 maderas with 1 circular engarving,It's tunable!

Squared embouchure Quena  quebracho colorado, It's tunable!

3 woods embouchure quena, large inlay

2 woods embouchure quena, with short inlay

3 woods embouchure quena, large inlay, It's tunable!



Two new models, that includes a line of white wood that divide different colored woods.

Left,  oval embouchure on a squared inlay, diameter 17 mm.

Right, rectangular embouchure, ebanon, palo violeta, jarilla and guatamb˙.

Quena oval ebanon embouchure
Quena with oval embouchure inlay, 2 woods, itin (light violet ) and palo blanco.(white)
Quena 2 woods short inlay (left) and 3 woods large inlay (right) (
Oval or squared embouchure refers to the shape of the wood inlay, no the shape of the notch. (the U where the musician blow).

We make oval inlays in 1, 2, 3 and multiple woods. Also, wood inlays might be short or large (see above right photo) 

Oval embouchures, left, multiple woods, rigth, two woods large inlay. See at the texture of the green wood, Amazing!
Quena made on a multiple woods inlay. These 5 or more fine woods are made on really exceptional quenas in sound, volume , timbre and tuning. VERY limited production, NEVER equal nor similar one to another!
Above quenas are made in large inlays with 2 or 3 fine woods, with circular inlay in contrast wood. High quality and colored woods, are part of limited editions of UN MUNDO DE BAMBU  Exclusive designs quenas


 Acid engarved sterling silver and brass barrel. 

NEW: Bamboo quena case, specially designed for the care of your instrument New: double bamboo embouchure, to enhace low tones in small diameter quenas. This embouchure allows to saturate the bass notes, whithout affect the high ones. It has a similar effect as the plate in transverse flutes For experienced players 

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