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Jun 2016 Best Available Quenas slideshow
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Specially made, only one piece or very limited editions.

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Trying quenas, see video below



Making quenas, our workshop desk (Nov.2013).Quenachos and quenas with very fine inlays.

We use TuneIt!, the best tuning software.


Left wide diameter quena ebanon embouchure. Powerfull low notes,good range in high

center:intermediate internal diameter, easy to blow, laquered and polished inner surface, great brightness and dynamic range of sound$120

Right: 6 woods inlay at the embouchure, ebanon notch,good low tones and equilibrated medium and high freq harmonics


left: 7 woods inlay, ebanon embouchure, purple hearth, jarilla,Bolivian palisander and others.

Center: Squared inlay, itin notch. Itin is one of the hardest woods in the world, native of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Medium sized, excelent dynamic range

Right, diagonal purple hearth and ebanon inlay

Wooden quenas, special edition


Right, urunday quena with ebanon and purple hearth

Left: guayuvira and ebanon,



Left: UNIQUE: palo santo (green wood)quena, with several inlays, demountable, great sound and dynamic range

Right, heavy and hard bamboo, under request

RIGHT, very solid bamboo quena, tunable,made under request or ask for availability.

SEE Video of tunable quenas below

Bamboo quenas with special woods inlays
This new serie includes clavo de pino, that is a 500y/old rest of a Araucaria bud. The material I use is from Misiones province, Argentina. Also, eye catching pine strobiles (cones) inlays
Very limited editions, every quena is UNIQUE





Wide quena, with clavo de pino: that is a bud of Araucaria, very aged (up to 500 y/o), very hard and rare material, marble texture. Is one of the hardest vegetal stufs.
Eye catching strobile extracted from a pine cone

great volume and sound body, very fine tuned and louder quena. Toneholes carefully worked in funnel shape to allow more spontaneous and loud sound.


Cocobolo and strobile





Guayacán and tarara, or other 2 squared woods.Thin quena good for high notes

Also with ebanon and other base wood

9 woods inlay agile medium sized quena. Every multiple woods inlay is different, reserved to the best quenas selected during the tuning process


Phyllostachys bamboo Quena thin walls, internal black laqcuer. beautiful bamboo with nodes, models in G and F (also quenachos in D)
QuDemountable quenas (tunable)

Several demountable quenas, with brass or bamboo with brass rings barrels. Allow to adjust the pitch in aprox a quarter of tone. Adjustable to other fixed instruments and temperature changes.

Long lasting mechanism, fine tuning the most exclusive and well balanced quenas. 

See video below:


Trying the best quenas with Fernando Barragán (sikuri, quenista, member of the Asociación Argentina de Luthiers)


Best quenas Jan 2016


Wooden quenas, July 2018
Quena Maclura y guayuvira





Angel Sampedro del Río