Our bamboo transverse flutes are made with well stored and seasoned bamboo, specially treated for long lasting professional use. 
Models with 6 or 7 fingerholes, in different keys.

Made in Japanese bamboo (Pleioblastus simonii), black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) or madake(Phyllostachys aurea), with and without mouth plate

Specially care on pitch and timbre, taking into account acostical factors like the internal shape of bamboo internodes..

See  Construcción de traversas (in Spanish)

Geometry of bamboo and transverse flutes (partially in English-under construction)

traversas de bambu traversas traversas de caña traveseras flauta traversa bansuri traversa

Above, transverse flutes in G and F, made in black bamboo, and with bamboo mouthpiece.


Special Embouchure plates. Flute in G played by David Slusser.

Ebanon embouchure detail. We also made with other hard woods.

Japanese style transverse flutes, madake and torachiku. Quality depends on the number of nodes, 9 in these samples. Detail of bamboo plate embouchure 

9 nodes black bamboo in G.

Black bamboo flutes are made depending on bamboo availability.

Mouthole detail. Bamboo best selected for high quality flutes.


Special plate G transverse flute, played by me, Angel Sampedro del Río

 High quality transverse, with artistically made bamboo plate. Specially selected Japanese bamboo. Mouthole details
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