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Above, the author Angel Sampedro del Río playing a C3 horn bell bamboo saxophone.To hear the sound.
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Compact and easy to play bamboo saxophone
From 1985 we developed and built this instrument, with equal attention to acoustic design and aesthetics. Carefully electronicaly tuned , and with maximum durability. Our saxes have a careful external finish. Their interior is protected
against changes of humidity, frequent in all wind instruments.
Bamboo saxophones consist of segments of bamboo successively larger in diameter. This progression, achieved by trial-and-error, has now been demonstrated by acoustical studies as the most harmonically effective.
The joints are extremely solid and resistant over time.
Our work with mouthpieces led us to use different bamboo types that
give the instrument its own and characteristic sound.
It uses conventional sax reeds, which can be acquired in any good musical store
in the world. They have keys that cover toneholes outside the reach of the fingers. This improves the acoustic design and the fingering
The Bamboo sax is not an imitation of brass saxes, it is an instrument
in its own right. They have certain differences and similarities.


Fully demountable G3 bamboo saxophone

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bamboo sax, demountable mode

Our bamboo saxophones have specially designed bamboo mouthpieces, which works with conventional reeds

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Ver Modelos

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info of available models.

From left to right:

1: Model in G 3 whithout bell
2 and 3: Models in G with
coconut and gourd bell.
4: F model with horn bell.
5: Curved F model with gourd bell.
6: Curved C tenor Model
with gourd bell

Available models with gourd and horn bel
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Video: Sound of G bamboo sax without bell, by Angel


Our bamboo saxophones have bamboo keys to reach low notes. Carefully laquered for long lasting.

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 Bamboo Saxophone played by Andres Macías, BAMBOO BLUES, by Viento y Madera
Video of G bamboo sax with gourd bell


My ExpMusIns published article about bamboo saxes,
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Bamboo Saxophone models


Tenor Bamboo Saxophone in C


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